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Lindsay, 18, Connecticut.
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"Isn’t that high in calories?"

"You’ve been eating a lot lately"


"That food is unhealthy, isn’t it?"


"Wow that is a lot of peanut butter"


"Wow you eat a lot of fruit! That’s a lot of carbs"


(via i-choose-recovery)


Ok folks, hold onto your hats and get ready for a super awesome DIY

That’s right, a DIY heck yeah

This little jar right here is what I’m talking about. This little “Take One A Day” Jar. 

The basic idea is that you take a slip of paper with a small baby goal for the day. It’s really freakin rad to have goals and stuff and it’s really helpful for depression and stress! These goals can be small petite things to help your day be that much better! It can include “DONT YOU DARE PROCRASTINATE” or “Dress Up Today” or “Meditate”. It’s really easy to make, ya ready?

1.) Get a jar

2.) Print out a list of small goals (I copied and pasted them a couple times)  *click on read more for my list*

3.) Cut out your paper slips and STUFFSTUFFSTUFF

4.) (Optional) Put a label on your beautiful magic jar.

5.) Take one a day and good luck, kid.

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